2024 Dress Rehearsal & Recital

2024 Recitals


Recital time is a magical time of year where your children get to light up the stage and feel like a star! Dansations will have 2 recitals, Recital 1 and Recital 2 as well as a Competition Showcase. Each recital has a dress rehearsal at the Palace Theater 2 East Ave, Lockport NY 14094. We have outlined everything you need to know for your dancers’ big day!

Important dates:

April 8th- Recital Codes to purchase tickets are available for pick up (all accounts must be paid in full, details below)

April 22nd- 9:00am- Recital tickets go on sale. Details below.

May 13th- 5:30pm- Dress Rehearsal for Recital 1- Palace Theater in Lockport

May 14th- 5:30pm-Dress Rehearsal for Recital 2- Palace Theater in Lockport

May 17th- 6:00pm-9:30pm* Competition Showcase- Palace Theater in Lockport

May 18th- 10:00am-11:45am*- Recital 1- Palace Theater in Lockport

May 18th- 2:30pm-4:15pm*- Recital 2- Palace Theater in Lockport

*All end times are approximated.

Dress Rehearsal:

Dress rehearsal is at the Palace Theater. Dancers should be in full hair make up and costume.

Dress Rehearsal Arrival Times

  • Competitive dancers please arrive at 4:30pm (be on stage for opening at 5:00-5:30)
  • Recreational dancers in Act 1 please arrive at 5:00 first act to start at 5:30pm
  • Recreational dancers in Act 2 please arrive at 6:30- second act to start at 7pm.

Each dancer is allowed 1 adult to accompany them to dress rehearsal. We STRONGLY recommend that the adult at the dress rehearsal will be the adult that comes to the recital. In an effort to help the recitals run smoothly, adults will need to learn where to go.

All recreational dancers and micro team dancers should arrive in their first costume. Go immediately to the balcony to sit with your class. 

All  recreational dancers and micro team dancers will change on the second floor mezzanine changing area. This area is only for dancers with a costume change.

If you are only in 1 dance, keep that costume on for the duration of the event.  

Dancers that have a costume change- please set up in the changing area and then find seats with their class in the balcony. The seats will be labeled by class song name. 

Parents can sit in the audience. 

Senior, Teen, Intermediate, Junior & Mini Team dancers will change in the dressing rooms under the stage. When you arrive, immediately go under the stage to the dressing area. All parents, except volunteer parents, can sit in the audience.

Dress Rehearsal Dismissal-

At dress rehearsal, dancers will be taken to lobby immediately following their dance. Please pick your child up in the lobby on the staircase on the right hand side (as you face the stage). If they are in another dance, you can take them upstairs to change. A volunteer will walk them to sit with their class on the balcony. Children can leave after they are done with their last dance.

Please clear all belongings from the dressing area after your child is done changing. 

Consider being a class volunteer!

We would like one or two volunteers from each class to sit with the kids. Parent volunteers for “Return Dances” will still need a ticket to the show (see list of return dances below). Volunteers are to sit with the class in the balcony and take kids to the bathroom when needed. After return classes perform, volunteers will walk kids to the lobby and wait for their parents to come pick them up. Once all the kids are picked up, the parent volunteer can sit in their assigned seat in the audience. If you are volunteering for a “non-return class” you must stay in the balcony for the entire show. Volunteer class mom’s for “Non-Return Classes”, will not need to purchase a ticket.

Is your child in a return dance?

List of return dances– Baby & Me, Combo 1, Combo 2, Combo 3, Baby Acro

What is a return dance? A return dance is a class in which dancers return to their parents immediately following their performance.

Return Dances in Act 1- Arrive 30-35 min before the show starts, in costume. 1 adult can walk them upstairs to the balcony to sit with their class. Dancers will stay with their class and 2 volunteer mom’s until they perform.

Return Dances in Act 2- Arrive at the beginning of the show in costume. Dancers will sit in the audience with a parent for Act 1. 1 adult can walk the dancer upstairs to the balcony to sit with their class at intermission.

After Return Dances perform- They will be walked down stairs to the staircase on the right hand side of the lobby to be picked up by a parent. This will happen immediately after they perform. Please sign your child out at the sign out desk. If your child is done dancing they can sit with you in the audience. Return students do not need a ticket if they are sitting on a lap. If your dancer needs their own seat, you will need to purchase a ticket. If they are in another dance, a parent can take the child to the changing area on the 2nd floor mezzanine to change costumes. If their next dance is in the same half, a volunteer will take the child to sit with their class in the balcony. If their next dance is in Act 2, the dancer may sit with you for the remainder of Act 1, and return to the balcony to sit with their class at intermission. 

Dansations Opening number “Fiesta” at our 2023 recital. “Fiesta” was the highest scoring production as well as Winner of the Dance Battle at Elite Dance Challenge National Competition in Cape Cod.

Recitals 1 & 2


  • Dancers in Recital 1 Arrival Times:
    • All competitive dancers & Recreational dancers ages 12-18 enter between 9:00am- 9:10 am
    • Recreational dancers ages 8-11 enter the building between 9:15-9:20 am
    • Recreational dancers ages 7 and under enter the building between 9:20-9:30 am.
    • Dancers need to be in costume & ready to dance when they enter.
    • Show starts promptly at 10:00am
  • Dancers in Recital 2 Arrival Times:
    • All competitive dancers & dancers ages 12-18 enter  between 1:30 -1:40 pm
    • Recreational dancers ages 8-11 enter the building between 1:40-1:50 pm
    • Recreational dancers ages 7 and under enter the building between 1:50-2:00 pm
    • Dancers need to be in costume & ready to dance when they enter.
    • Show starts promptly at 2:30pm


Combo 1, 2, 3 and Baby Acro Dismissal

NEW- This year our youngest dancers (combo 1,2,3 & baby acro) will be picked up at the green curtain on the right side of the stage. This is on the orchestra level, not the balcony.

All other classes:

Once the show concludes 1 parent may go up the staircase on the left (facing the theater) form a line to enter the left balcony door, pick up their child, exit the right balcony door, sign their child out, and then proceed down the right staircase. This will keep the flow of traffic moving!

Please do not attempt to pick up your child from the right side of the roped off area. Safety is out #1 concern during dismissal. Please help us keep every child safe by following the pick up procedures in place.


Parents will not be permitted in the dancer’s hold section of the balcony unless they are a volunteer mom. Parents may ask to see their child at any time and their child will be brought to them. Parents may sign their child out at any time.

1 adult per dancer is permitted in the changing area to help with their dancer’s costume change, after the dancer is dressed a volunteer will walk the dancer to their seat with their class in the balcony. Females only in the girls dressing area, boys have their own changing area, If a dad is helping their young child change, please use the designated area.

If your dancer has a quick change, 3 dances or less, they will be assisted by their teachers backstage in the quick change area. Please speak to a teacher about this before dress rehearsals and we will get everything set up.

All dancers will go on stage for the finale at the end of the show! 

Each show is expected to be 2 hours. We hope everyone can stay for the entire show, however if you have to leave, you may sign your child out.

Snacks, wine, beer and other concessions will be sold by the theater. 

Dansations will be selling a variety of recital and Dansations merchandise!


  • Recital codes are needed to purchase tickets. You can pick up your recital code in the studio starting April 8th.
  • Accounts MUST be paid in FULL including May tuition to pick up codes. You can make payments on the parent portal, or pay when you come in to pick up the codes. 
  • Each Code allows you to acquire up to 6* tickets (2 tickets are free, 4 additional tickets may be purchased) These tickets will be on hold for you until May 6th at 9AM. At that time tickets sales will go public. After May 6, You can still use your codes, but we cannot guarantee you will be able to get 6 seats.
  • For parents that split custody, you can request “Split custody codes” and you will receive 2 separate codes that divide the tickets.
  • All spectators will need a ticket, children 3 and under can sit on a lap.
  • Handicap and wheelchair seating is available. Wheelchair spots are available in Row S. Handicap seats are for people with walkers or canes. Handicap seats are J26, N13, N25, L25, P12, P26, R12, R26
  • Tickets are $20.00 for premium seating or $17.00 for standard seating plus a small surcharge charged by Tutu-Tix. You’ll see their $1 per ticket fee, plus a 5% processing charge added at check out.


  • Each family will be given access to view the recital video through DanceBug
  • To access your account, simply go to Dancebug.com. You will be guided to login or create an account. To create an account, DanceBug asks for basic information such as name, e-mail, password, and address. After the show is edited and uploaded, DanceBug will automatically add the show to your account! This is typically 4-6 weeks after the show. Dansations will send you an email with an access code once the show becomes available


Competition Showcase

  • May 17th 6:00pm-9:30pm
  • Dancers arrive at 5:00pm, on stage for opening at 5:40.
  • NEW- Dansations is excited to offer this new and exciting event to showcase all of our competitive groups as well as specialty numbers (limit 1 per dancer).
  • There will be no dress rehearsal.
  • Each family will receive 2 free tickets with the ability to purchase 8 additional tickets.
  • The showcase will be included on DanceBug
  • Teens and Seniors will change downstairs. Juniors, minis and micros will change upstairs.