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Dance Class Hairstyles | 4 Adorable Quick Up-Dos to Stay Ready for a Great Dance Practice

The beauty of the art of dance is the ability to express yourself! Whether you’re finishing a move on stage during a competition or practicing in class… your main focus should be on performing to the very best of your ability and not what that one stray hair in your eye is doing. 

At Dansations, we want our dancers to excel in every way possible, part of that is making sure we prevent all of the mishaps we can. As a dancer, your hair should be pulled back, out of your face, and most importantly represent you! Don’t worry, just because your hair has to be up doesn’t mean it can’t still look pretty, there are endless choices.  Here are 4 quick adorable hairstyles that will have your hair looking cute, and allowing you to have a great practice!

1. The Classic Ballet Bun 

This style is very common because it’s simple, classy, and always looks good in any dance number, but it’s simplicity does not mean it is easy to do. There are a couple of different ways to make a dance bun, with a sock or donut, but we think the original way is best. 

Here’s How!

-Start by bringing the hair into a high ponytail. Brush the hair back completely flat, with no flyaways (a teasing comb helps with this), and then use gel or hairspray to make sure it all stays in place. 

-Twist the ponytail into a coil and wrap it in a circle flat to the head. Then tuck the end of the coil into the dance bun. 

– Use a few bobby pins around the bun to hold it in place, but make sure it stays flat. 

-Wrap a thin hair net around the bun a couple of times and then load the dance bun with bobby pins. You don’t want a strand to move during a performance or dance class. 

-Finish with hairspray, and more hairspray. 

Check Out This Pinterest Board for More Inspiration

2. An Elevated Ballet Bun 

-This time start by french braiding a section of hair from the top of the head and bring it back to the middle of the head, where a high ponytail would start. 

-Smooth down the rest of the hair and again make a high pony with the braid pulled into it. 

-Make your dance bun the same way as before. 

-This dance hair style is very simple, so it can be manipulated slightly and look completely different for another class or dance number. Try changing where you put the braid, add accessories to the bun, or wrap a braid around it instead of ending it in the ponytail. 

3. In Dance, a Ponytail is Not Just a Ponytail.

– Decide where your pony is going. It could be up high, down low, or to either side. 

-Always brush it back and lay down fly aways. Use hairspray and hair gel to keep them down. If it’s for dance class use a little, if it’s for a dance recital use a lot. 

-Again your ponytail can be completely different with one simple change. 

-Add two french braids to the top of the head or two on the bottom. Add two regular braids, one on each side. Curl the pony tail. Use a dutch braid wrapping around the head to make a crown. Put gems into the braids, but nothing that will fall off in a dance recital. Wrap a piece of hair, or braid, around the ponytail. Braid the ponytail or just a piece of it. 

4. A Braided Dance Bun with a Twist

Start by sectioning off a piece of hair near the part, on the side of the head. Dutch braid the piece all the way around, to the other side, keeping it flush to the back of the neck. Tie that braid off. 

-Section another piece in the back of the head close to the middle. Take the hair from right above the last braid and make sure some of it will show outside of the dance bun. Braid that piece all the way down and tie it off if it helps you. 

– Twist the two braids together and wrap them flat like you did with the ballet bun. 

– Take the elastics off, if you used them, and tuck in the ends. 

-Bobby pin all the way around and hairspray, hairspray, hairspray. This dance bun is looser because of the braids and has a higher chance of falling out or becoming unsecured. Use more bobby pins than you think or get some that are specifically designed to hold hair for dance. 

Look Good = Feel Good, Feel Good = Dance Good

We want our dancers to wear their hair up for safety of themselves as well as others, but we want them to style it to brush away the competition. At Dansations we love all of our dancers and want to see what you can do with your dance hair. We offer dance classes for kids of WNY ages 18 months up to 18 year! We are truly a family here at Dansations and we love adding new members to the family. If you or someone you know wants to join our dance family you can sign up for Summer enrollment starting March 15!