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3 Reasons to Start Your Kid in Tap Dancing

Here at Dansations, we pride ourselves on being inclusive and providing a class for any kid who is interested in dance. We work with kids from all over Western New York to begin their dance journey here at Dansations, and here on the blog we aim to help provide helpful tips and info for parents around Buffalo who are considering new activities for their kids. Today we wanted to talk specifically about one of our favorite styles of dance, Tap Dancing!

Here are 3 Reasons to Start Your Kid in Tap Dancing!

Tap Dancing Teaches Rhythm

Rhythm is one of the key components of any dance style, but also applies to other areas like music and other sports. Even boxers have historically found tap dance to help with footwork and rhythm. Musicians spend years crafting their rhythm and learning tap dancing at a young age can have a profound effect on your child’s development.

Tap Dancing Is a Bit Less “Girly”

Oh, the times they are a-changing… The world today looks a lot different than what parents probably remember it was like when we were young, but even as society has become more accepting of new perspectives, dance still gets the “girly” stigma. Tomboys and boys that are looking for something to do probably aren’t considering tap-dancing at the top of their list, but if your son is seeking new expression tap dancing is perfect for boys! It’s a great activity that allows the child to learn about their body and make some long-lasting friendships! Tap dancers were the original B-boys!

Tap Dancing Builds Life-Long Memories

Tap dancers learn the art of dancing from every angle, and the footwork skills that are developed in tap help all forms of dance. It’s a perfect opportunity for new students to learn the basics, and begin to develop as a skilled dancer. The best part about dance? The memories! The friendships and experiences that a kid absorbs during their childhood and teenage years will help them for life. We have been able to see firsthand how these relationships form organically, and blossom into beautiful camaraderie that is unlike any other team sport.

If you have a son or daughter that is looking for a new social activity, consider a tap dance class at Dansations! We are always accepting new students from the WNY area at our studio, and signing up is as easy as giving us a call or registering right here on our website! We look forward to meeting you!! 🙂