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The importance of Dance for children

Missed Opportunities

Buffalo is without a doubt the “city of good neighbors”, it is after all the friendliest city in NY. Over the past few years however, it has become increasingly more challenging to connect with those neighbors, and children have been affected most of all. As parents, it has been heartbreaking to watch all our kids miss out on a large part of their childhood because of something they can’t control. We understand that kids and teenagers need to be able to connect to and build relationships with each other in order to grow into well-rounded adults. 

Rather than stress over the past however, we can choose instead to keep hope for the future. So, as the world begins to become more accessible again, we have a chance to give our  kids all the opportunities to create bonds that they missed out on. And what better way to do this than through signing them up for dance?

The Natural Allure of Dance

From the slight shimmy or head bob when dinner is ready, to the subtle tapping of a foot while studying and listening to music, kids can’t help but express themselves through dance. Most people can’t. The explosive boom of TikTok has created a new culture around dance with an emphasis on simplicity, allowing people of all ages to learn and perform these dances together. As we get older however, we begin to lose confidence in our dance skills and get nervous to show them off. Kids however — young kids especially — don’t have this hang-up. They’ll dance anywhere whenever the mood strikes. 

When someone dances it signals to everyone around them that they are having fun. That they are fun to be around. Think of how often normal people go viral when they get recorded dancing; it doesn’t even need to be particularly skillful. So long as they are having fun, they liven up the mood of everyone who sees them. So rather than wait for kids to grow out of their dancing phase, we should support it by encouraging them to sign up for dance lessons or for dance schools.

Benefits on Mental Health

Anyone who’s ever let themself dance freely or watched a particularly uninhibited performer would likely to speculate that the act of dancing has a number of benefits on one’s mental health. For a more scientific backing however we can turn to Judith Hanna’s 2017 publication “Dancing to resist, reduce and escape stress”, which concluded with just that. It states that dance can help people stimulate a feeling of accomplishment, a sense of meaning and of engagement, and can help foster positive relationships. Other research suggests that dance can help improve memory and coordination as people work on mastering more complex routines or practice more improv heavy style.

Community building through Dance Lessons

While most of these benefits can be won through the simple act of moving your body to music, much of the more social aspects can only be accomplished in a school or club setting. While you could probably learn a good amount of movies by searching online, it would be hard to find good friends to practice with without registering for a school. 

There are a ton of places that offer dance lessons in Buffalo and throughout NY. These classes allow for kids to connect to others with a shared interest and with instructors dedicated to helping them develop their passion further. In a world where the ability to socialize so abruptly came to a halt, it is important to facilitate meeting new people whenever possible. Dance classes allow kids to create a community centered around self-expression and mutual support, which is perhaps one of the healthiest environments in which a child can grow up.

We have a saying around here.. You may have seen it on our social media.. “18 months-18 years.” This represents the full life cycle of our dancers. We work with kids of all different backgrounds. It’s never too early or too late to begin a dance journey at Dansations!

Sign-up Today

Signing your child up for dance lessons in Buffalo, NY is as easy as placing a single phone call…and maybe signing a paper. But no harder than that! Kids having a dedicated space where they can express themselves and connect to their peers is of critical importance in this day and age. Dance classes allow for them to do that and so much more. It helps them mature into more confident and self-assured adults who are ready to face the world head on. So what are you waiting for? Register your child for a dance class today!