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Learning expression through dance

Dance is an art form; and like all performance art, it is used to express things that can’t be said with words. A well choreographed routine can convey a story just as well as any book could, and a more freestyle routine can make an audience feel a whole range of emotions. It is a spectacular means of self expression, which is why so many parents enroll their kids in one of the many dance schools in Buffalo. Not only is it fun to dance, but the way kids learn to move can help them figure out what they want to show to the world and how they want to show it.

Different forms for different feelings

Professional choreographer, Diana F. Green stated in her book, Choreographing from Within, that body language can be exaggerated and abstracted to show a wide-range of subtle moods and emotions. With that, there are many different forms that focus on very different feelings. Ballet is more polished and refined, and may be preferred by someone who is more of a detail-oriented perfectionist. On the other hand, the improvisational nature of Jazz may be more appealing to someone who’s a bit more creative. Many of WNY’s child dance classes offer a wide range of movement options for families to choose one. Many dance lessons in Buffalo actually expose kids to multiple styles, so your kids will be able to find something that speaks to them with ease.

A language stronger than words

Children’s dance here in Buffalo is a very versatile tool. If your kid is a bit on the shyer side of things, dance may be a great way for them to come out of their shell. On the flip side, if your kid has no problem expressing themself, then dance becomes a great outlet for all their energy. In both cases, enrolling in a dance class in Buffalo is a great way for your child to learn how to express themselves in more dynamic ways.

Of course we don’t expect your child to break out into an elaborate number to ask for a glass of water, as funny as that would be. Dance is better seen as a way for kids to come to understand their own feelings better. In the same way a poet may write a tear-jerking piece to figure out their emotions, so too do we hope a simple routine can help kids release pent up emotions. Not only that, but we hope that through dance kids will be better able to connect to other people. When something can’t be expressed with words, we want to provide them a chance to say it through dance.

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