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3 Leadership Lessons Learned in Dance

Welcome back to the Dansations blog! Here, we aim to provide various resources to parents and our dancers, both prospective and enrolled. Today, we’re going to talk about how enrolling your child in dance classes today will help make them a leader tomorrow! 

The skills and lessons learned in dance don’t stop with steps and counts, they’re carried throughout our lives. Oftentimes, those skills and lessons are paying dividends years down the line in setting dancers apart from their peers in job and college applications. 

1. Dance Provides Discipline

Dance provides the structure that few other extracurriculars do. Respecting discipline and following directions is day one stuff. You have to warm up, perform the correct steps across the floor, and learn more complex maneuvers. Also, dancers are expected to follow a dress code, practice techniques, and respect their instructors.  The idea of these skills are directly transferable to schooling and professional life! 

Dansations students at dance competition challenge

2. Learning to Multitask

In dance, keeping track of multiple things in your head is key. Even before recital, dancers are following their teacher, while listening to their direction and comments, thinking about their technique, emoting, and keeping up with the beat of the music. For a dancer, there’s always multiple things on the mind and managing and prioritizing are skills learned early with dance. 

3. Accepting Criticism and Rejection

We know, it absolutely sucks to get rejected, but in the life of a performer, it’s going to happen. Learning to accept fair criticism and reacting to rejection are cornerstones of improvement in dance. It’s like gravity, for every up, there’s a down. The trick is not letting the downs drag you down too much, and enjoying the ups while not resting on your laurels. Let fair criticism and rejection fuel your motivation to come back better! Learning to deal with rejection only comes from exposure to that rejection. The best leaders don’t back down from a challenge, they step up. 

Get Moving Today!  

Here at Dansations, we don’t only have dancing available, we have the best acrobatics and gymnastics classes around too! Our youth program is perfect for your child, and can provide lifelong benefits. Check out some of our available resources to get started.

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