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Choosing the Right Type of Dance for Your Toddler

Here at Dansations, we work with kids of all ages. We like to say our dance family runs from 18 months to 18 years because oftentimes a student will stick around with us once they join our team! We are always accepting and welcoming new students of any age, and it’s never too early, or too late to start dancing! We work with a lot of toddlers, and many parents wonder what the best class is for them to get started in. Let’s take a few minutes to break down different types of dance for toddlers and what might best suit your little girl or boy!

If your kid loves music, loves being active, and has a lot of energy, it may be time to think about joining a dance class! Here are a few different types and what kid might be right for each! Whether your kid is a little one or a teen, here are some things to consider!

Jazz Dance

Jazz is a great way to build a dance foundation. It requires kids to learn and build from the basics of dance. Many jazz dance songs are more upbeat and fun and is a great one to be able to incorporate popular Disney music and other familiar songs. The kid can enjoy time with others and learn routines they can practice with their friends.

Ballet Dance

Kids see ballet dancers and want to emulate them to be a princess or prince! Who doesn’t want to be the belle of the ball in a little ballerina outfit? Ballet is considered one of the more eloquent and classic styles of dance, but fundamentals can be learned through ballet (or barre). Expectations will rise as a ballet dancer gets older and more competitive, but it’s still perfect for little ones because it is FUN. Dance for toddlers deserves to be FUN, no matter what style!

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary could be described as a bit more “flowing” than jazz, but a bit less “structured” as ballet. Costumes are often less formal, and contemporary dance encourages self-expression. Contemporary dance can incorporate fun popular music for kids as well, allowing them to grow as a dancer to the tune of their own drums. Foundations of group routines and individual routines are built in contemporary classes. 

Tap Dance for Toddlers

Tap dancing is one of the oldest and most popular forms of dancing for kids. The nature of tapping includes special shoes and special steps and requires attention to detail to learn. Young kids will learn the foundations of tap dancing but tap takes a while to master. It can be frustrating for new dancers, but that’s our job! To Make Dancing Fun! 

These are only a few types of dance, to learn more about the specific classes we offer for toddlers of WNY head over to this page! If you want to talk to someone about what dance class might be right for your toddler, just give us a call or reach out via our contact form! We’re more than willing to tell you about all our class options and schedules! Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see more!