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6 Iconic Dance Movies to Inspire Your Youths for Dance Class

Hello and welcome back to the DansationsWNY blog! Here on the blog, we like to talk about dance history, injury avoidance, competition packing, and style, and provide resources to our dancers and their parents alike. With all that, let’s take it easy and talk about inspiring dance movies to get your child ready for dance class. Today, let’s talk about some of the greatest dance movies of our time!

Dance movies have always held a magical place in our hearts, transporting us to a world where emotions are expressed through the graceful art of dance. In a time when our young ones are getting ready to step into the dance class, let’s revisit the classics that might spark their passion and be the wind beneath their dancing wings.

The 70s and 80s: The Golden Age of Dance Movies

1. “Grease” (1978) (PG)

Dive into the vibrant world of the 1970s with “Grease,” a musical that showcases the magic of young love coupled with unforgettable dance sequences. The electrifying energy of the “Hand Jive” scene at the high school dance could be the very catalyst to encourage your little ones to take the dance floor with confidence and joy.

2. “Footloose” (1984) (PG)

“Footloose” portrays the unyielding spirit of youth, fighting for the freedom to dance. This movie can be a great conversation starter with your kids, emphasizing the power of determination and the joy that dance can bring into one’s life.

Late 80s and 90s: When Dance Movies Became a Phenomenon

3. “Dirty Dancing” (1987) (PG-13)

Set in the summer of 1963, “Dirty Dancing” provides a coming-of-age story paired with breathtaking dance numbers. This classic can be a beautiful introduction to different dance styles and the emotions they can express, inspiring them to find their rhythm. 

Sporty women enjoying each others company while doing leg swings during fitness training

The 2000s: A Modern Take on Dance

4. “Step Up” (2006) (PG-13)

Take a leap into the 2000s with “Step Up,” a movie that weaves a tapestry of modern dance forms presenting a story of love, passion, and dream pursuit. The movie stands as a beacon encouraging youngsters to follow their dance dreams, overcoming hurdles with determination and hard work.

2010s: Keeping the Dance Spirit Alive

5. “La La Land” (2016) (PG-13)

Let’s fast forward to more modern times with “La La Land,” a movie that intertwines love and dreams with stunning dance sequences that might just encourage the young ones to dream big and dance with all their heart.

2020s: Iconic Movies about Dance Today

6. “West Side Story” (2021) (PG-13)

A contemporary take on a 50s classic, this take on “West Side Story” spins a Shakespearean love story between rival teenage street gangs Jets and Sharks in Manhattan. Iconic choreographed and musical numbers like Jets Song make their return, inspiring a new generation of dancers. 

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From the golden era to the modern age, dance movies have continued to inspire generations, reminding us of the boundless possibilities that dance offers. As parents nurturing the next generation of dancers, introducing them to these classics can be a beautiful beginning to their dance journey.

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