Experience a

Competition Enviroment

At Dansations, the competition program is about learning and growing together as dancers and individuals. Committing to the Competition Team may be a big step, but we believe it is one that will strengthen you as a dancer, a competitor and a person. In each class, we’ll strive for an environment that demands discipline, creativity, personal expression, and above all, fun!  Our Competition Team places emphasis on TEAM and therefore, we work together, learn together, laugh together, and grow up dancing together.

Placement on the Competition Team is by invitation only. Placement is based on the previous year’s behavior, attendance, work ethic and passion for dance. New students interested in joining please contact us to schedule a private audition.

Expectations for competition students:

  • Mandatory attendance and punctuality
  • Bring all dance shoes to all classes
  • Be dressed properly for each class- (leotard, tights, hair pulled back and out of face, bun for ballet)
  • Exhibit respect for your teachers and teammates
  • If you must miss a class call or email the studio prior to the class time
  • Strive to do your best each class



Attendance to competitions is mandatory. This is not like other sports where other teammates can play your position. Since every dancer is essential to the development of choreography and executing specific combinations, competing without a dancer puts our entire class at a major disadvantage. If a dancer is on the Competition Team, you are an important and key member of our team. This needs to be made a priority, out of respect for yourself and your team members.

All competitions are local. Competition dates and fees will be posted in the first week of October.


For Parents

To estimate what your average invoice for a competition might be, typical fees are as follows

(Amounts are Per Dancer):

  • Average Group Charge – $55
  • Average Solo Charge – $120
  • Average Duo/Trio Charge – $75

These are just averages, some could be more and some could be less. Please be prepared, all competition fees are due to studio the first week of February.


Helpful Information at Dance Competitions:


What to Wear

Dancers should always be wearing Dansations attire (logo with blue stars) when not performing on stage.

When on stage for awards ceremonies the children must have on the Dansations warm-up (or costume) with full hair and make-up.



In addition to combination and technique, students are judged on costuming. Hairpieces cannot fall out. Accessories cannot be missing. We recommend making a list of everything you need and double (and triple!) check. Keep everything in one garment bag and stay organized!


Hair and Make-up

Hair and make-up must be done to perfection. Hair can not move at all while dancing. Use an excessive amount of gel and finish with tons of hair spray. Use a hair net for the bun. No nail polish. Make-up must be very bold. Fire engine red lip-stick, pink blush, fake eyelashes, eyebrows should have white under brow.


What to Bring

Pack all your make-up, extra eyelashes, a brush, extra hair nets, bobby pins hair spray, gel, safety pins, needle and thread, dance shoes (bring all of them!), extra tights, a mirror and anything else you can think of. Get everything ready the night before and keep everything in a kit or bag.


Attitude and Behavior

We expect all dancers to be on their very best behavior. It is important to be respectful of other dancers and adults, and most importantly, be kind, considerate and appreciative to your parents. You are old enough to be responsible for your actions and can manage your own costumes, hair and makeup.

Additionally, gossiping about other studios, dancers, parents, or even your own studio will not be tolerated. This is not acceptable behavior of our dancers. Please find Miss Liza if you have any issues.



Your teacher will give dancers thorough information regarding when they are performing. Dancers are expected to be accountable for themselves.

Make sure you get enough sleep the night before you perform, and wake up early to give yourself enough time to arrive at the competition location.


We Are Proud of You

You represent our Dansations Dance Team and we are proud of the work you have accomplished to get here. Don’t forget to take a deep breath, smile and have fun!


For Parents

Let’s work together as a unified team to help your children thrive! Our jobs is to problem solve and keep the kids calm. Remember, your child may get nervous, encourage your dancer to find Miss Liza with any problems.

We strongly advise parents to not address children other than their own with anything less than positive encouragement. Only in matters that concern safety or security should you address issues. Please see Miss Liza with any problems.

Limit your time in the dressing room. Dance should give your child the gift of independence. Encourage them to be independent and proud of their accomplishments. Thank you so much for all that you do. Being a dance parent is not an easy thing. We appreciate you!