Ballet/Lyrical (Ages 10 -14)

10-14 (10 year-olds must have 1 year experience)

This class combines elements of ballet and lyrical dance. Dancers will do a ballet warm up and learn the fundamentals of classical ballet technique. In addition, dancers will get a chance to use their ballet training in lyrical dance. Ballet teaches strength, grace, proper body alignment and flexibility. While lyrical dance allows dancers to use emotion as they tell a story through dance. At Dansations we work hard to make ballet fun, so everyone can enjoy all it has to offer!

This is an intermediate/advanced recreational level class for ages 10-14, 10 year-olds must have 1 year experience. Each season they are given new and exciting moves!


Dress Code

Girls need a leotard for all classes, jazz shorts optional. Boys need black dance pants and a tee shirt.

Shoes: Girls – Canvas, split-sole, pink Ballet shoes, Boys Canvas, split sole Black ballet shoes.

Event Hours(1)

  • Tuesday

    18.00 – 18.45

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