Picture Day 2023

April 15 & 16

We are looking forward to Picture Day 2023! All the costumes this year are beautiful, we cannot wait to see your dancing stars in costume with their dance hair and make up posing for the camera!

April 15 & 16th 2023

  • Dancers are to arrive at the studio in full hair make up and costume
  • We will NOT have regularly scheduled classes on Saturday, April 15.
  • Dancers should have received instruction on hair make up & costume with costumes, If you do not have one please ask your teacher.
  • Please enter the building 10-15 min prior to your scheduled time.
  • Parents can wait in studio 2
  • If a dancer needs to change from one costume to another, girls can use studio 3, boys the men’s locker room.
  • When dancers are called in for their pictures, parents will stay in studio 2.
  • You can use Hillview for parking, please do not use the plaza across the street. 
  • The schedule is listed below. We will not be able to wait if you are late, so please enter the building 10-15 min before your scheduled time. We are unable to make any changes to this schedule. 

Saturday, April 15 Competition Classes

***Micros, Minis & Seniors will have classes from 9am-10:00am***

ClassPicture Time
Junior AcroTuesday6:15 PMADTea Party10:30
Micro AcroSaturday11:15 AML. S.Topsy Turvy10:45
Junior BalletFriday4:45 PMK. H.Waltz of the Flowers11:00
Micro BalletThursday4:30 PME.C.Spooky Scary Skeletons11:15
Junior ContemporaryFriday6:45 PMK. H.Heads Up11:30
Micro JazzThursday5:15 PML. S.Friend Like Me11:45
Junior Hip HopFriday8:00 PMJTCoffee Shop12:00
Micro Tap.Saturday1:15 PME.C.Mambo I, I, I12:15
Junior JazzThursday6:00 PML. S.Chapstick12:30
Mini AcroSaturday11:15 AMADYellow Polka Dot Bikini12:45
Junior LyricalThursday5:00 PMM.D.Lights1:00
Mini BalletMonday6:15 PMC.O.Catching Snowflakes1:15
Junior TapTuesday4:30 PMC.O.Jalale1:30
Senior TapMonday4:30 PMC.O.I Lived1:45
Teen LyricalTuesday8:15 PMK. H.Pull You Through2:00
Mini Hip Hop (Optional)Wednesday4:45 PMJTLemonade2:15
Teen AcroThursday7:00 PML. S.Dive into the Pool2:30
Senior LyricalSaturday12:15 PML. S.It’s All Coming Back to me Now2:45
Teen PointeMonday8:45 PMADColors of the Wind3:00
Mini JazzMonday4:30 PML. S.ABC3:15
Teen BalletThursday6:00 PMM.D.When the Party’s Over3:30
Senior JazzTuesday9:00 PML. S.Addicted to Love3:45
Mini Lyrical (optional)Wednesday5:30 PML. S.Imagine4:00
Teen ContemporaryTuesday5:45 PMK. H.Us4:15
Senior ContemporaryTuesday7:15 PMK. H.Breathe Again4:30
Mini Tap,Saturday12:15 PME.C.Sweet Sould Music4:45
Teen JazzTuesday7:15 PML. S.Body Language5:00
Senior BalletSaturday11:15 AME.C.Material Girl5:15
Mini Specialty Numbers5:30
Senior Pointe.Saturday1:15 PML. S.Ode to Joy5:45
Teen & Senior Hip HopMonday7:00 PMADThe Orchestra6:00
Recreational Competition TapMonday7:00 PML. S.Coolest Cats6:15
Recreational Competition JazzMonday7:45 PMADMe & My Girls6:45
Teen & Senior JazzMonday6:00 PML. S.Backstage Romance7:00
Jr Specialty Numbers7:15
Teen TapThursday5:15 PMC. O.Dock of the Bay7:30
Senior AcroSaturday2:00 PML. S.Once Upon a Dream7:45
Teen Specialty Numbers8:00
Sr Specialty Numbers8:15

Sunday, April 16 Recreational Classes

Class SubjectClass DayClass TimeTeacherRecital SongPicture Time
Combo 1Monday4:45 PMB.W.Special Date9:00
Baby & MeMonday5:30 PMB.W.Cuddly Ducks9:25
Combo 1 & 2Tuesday9:45 AML. S.If All the Raindrops9:45
Combo 2Tuesday5:30 PMADBoogie Fever10:00
Combo 3Wednesday5:30 PMC.L.Sugar Sugar10:25
Combo 2&3Friday5:00 PMH.B.Parakeets in Tap Shoes10:45
Sat Baby & MeSaturday9:20 AMB.W.Bumble Bees11:00
Sat Combo 1Saturday9:25 AMADJungle Boogie11:20
Sat Combo 2Saturday10:15 AMB.W.Liongaurd11:45
Sat Combo 3Saturday10:20 AMJTI Want Candy12:05
Sat Primary Split 1Saturday10:15 AMADDance to the Music12:30
Acro/Hip Hop SplitMonday (acro)6:15 PML.P.Can You Feel It12:50
Sat Baby AcroSaturday9:30 AMJTIko Iko1:20
Tap (Age 10-13)Tuesday6:15 PME.C.Stutter1:35
Acro/Hip Hop SplitMonday (hip-hop)6:15 PML.P.Boom Da Party1:50
Baby AcroWednesday4:45 PML. S.Surfing USA2:15
Jazz (Age 10-13)Tuesday7:15 PMADShake the Room2:35
Ballet (Age 7-10)Wednesday4:45 PMM.D.Tightrope2:45
Princess LyricalWednesday6:15 PMC.L.I See The Light2:50
Tap (Age 7-10)Wednesday5:30 PMM.D.Burnin’ Love3:10
Jazz (Age 13 & Up)Wednesday7:00 PMJTBurnin’ Up3:25
Jazz (Age 7-10)Wednesday6:15 PMM.D.Funky Monkey3:35
Tap (Age 13 & Up)Wednesday8:00 PMM.D.End of Time3:50
Lyrical (Age 10-13)Wednesday7:00 PMM.D.Glitter in the Air4:00
Hip Hip (Age 13 & Up)Wednesday8:45 PMJTTaki Taki4:10
Ballet (Age 10-13)Wednesday8:00 PMJTDepecito4:20
Ballet/Lyrical (Age 13 & Up)Thursday8:00 PMM.D.I See Fire4:25
Acro (Age 10-13)Thursday6:45 PML.P.Tribe4:30
Acro (Age 5-8)Friday4:45 PMJTSummertime Fun4:50
Hip Hop (Age 10-13)Thursday7:45 PMM.S.Instruction5:20
Acro (Age 6-10)Friday5:45 PMJTShake a Tail Feather5:40
Primary Split 1Friday5:45 PMH.B.Living Your Dream Full6:00
Lyrical (Age 7-10)Friday7:45 PME.C.Somewhere Out There6:15
Primary Split 2 JazzFriday6:45 PMH.B.Play My Music6:25
Hip Hop (Age 7-10)Friday6:45 PMJTParty Up6:35
Primary Split 2 TapFriday6:45 PMH.B.Set It All Free6:50