Recreational-Competition Team

Be a part of our team without the big commitment

Dansations now offers a recreational competitive program. This allows dancers to be a part of a team without the huge commitment. Rec-comp dancers will have the option to take a tap and or jazz class that will compete at 2 local competitions as well as perform in the recital. We offer Recreational-Competition classes for ages 7-10 and ages 10-14.

This is such a great opportunity for recreational dancers that are looking for just a little bit more. The recreational competitive program will push dancers to work hard and do their very best!

There are no additional requirements to take these classes, although ballet is strongly recommended. This is a great way for dancers to try out competitive dance without making a huge financial and time commitment.  Anyone that would like to participate in recreational competitive classes can register online.

Benefits of This Program:


Dance friendships tend to be stronger then school friendships. They work long, hard hours under stressful circumstances, they become family. Over time, teammates learn to depend on one another. By high school their friendships are as close as siblings.


It takes a lot of courage to step on to a competition stage. The stages are big, the audience is huge and there are SO many people you do not know watching you perform. Children that can conquer a competition stage, can conquer the World! It is very empowering. Competition dancers tend to thrive socially as dance gives confidence in a way that nothing else does. Dancers learn how to thrive under pressure, grab the audience’s attention (or a boss’s attention later on in life) and accomplish their goals!

Better grades

In my experience, kids on the competition team have exceptionally good grades. Competition dance demands high levels of focus which leads to dancers being more focused in school. Dancers tend to work hard in every aspect of their lives.


Dancing, although not a sport, as very athletic. Dance requires a high level of physical activity. In class, dancers will work on strength, flexibility and endurance. Dancers are in great shape and take very good care to be healthy!