Thriving Recreational Program

We work hard for our Recreational Dancers!

Dansations works hard to ensure our recreational dancers receive an excellent dance education. We have a comprehensive program that will educated children from the age of 18 months through 18 years. Watching children grow up and graduate through our recreational program is a privilege we do not take lightly! Dancers in our recreational program will work hard, learn proper technique and be challenged in classes; all while making great memories that will last a lifetime!

Recreational dancers are offered a wide variety of classes to enrich their dance education. Dancers are invited to take 1 class or several classes. Dansations offers recreational classes in: jazz, tap, ballet, acro, hip hop, and lyrical. In addition, we offer special classes such as All Boys Hip Hop, Princess lyrical & split classes. All of our classes are fun and challenging!

Dansations goal is to help each dancer find the perfect class. We understand that families have busy schedules so we offer a wide variety of class times so that you can find a class that fits your schedule.

NEW- 2 Levels of Recreational Classes for Age 11 & Up!

Dansations is excited to now offer 2 levels of recreational dance for dancers ages 11 and up! Dancers with less than 3 years experience will be a perfect fit for the Beginner/Intermediate level. These classes will allow dancers to build a strong foundation as the learn and perfect their dance technique and performance quality. Beginner/Intermediate classes will give dancers a comfortable environment to learn with other dancers that are at the same level. Our Intermediate/Advanced level is for dancers with 3 or more years experience. Dancers in these classes will get to take their training to the next level as the learn harder and more complicated steps!

Here are some secrets to our success:

Dance should be FUN!

The most important part of every class is to ensure our dancers are having fun! Dance is a gift that we want to share with your children. We want them to have fun and enjoy each class. We work to provide a positive atmosphere where children feel welcomed and comfortable in class.

Strive for excellence-

At Dansations, we believe you do not have to be on a team to work hard and improve your skill. In all of our recreational classes, we will strive for excellence. Children will be taught proper technique. We will work on timing and precision in our dances. Children love achieving new skill and take great pride in improving their dancing. As teachers we are thrilled to watch them learn, grow and achieve their personal best!

This little princess is exploring space and movement with her ribbon!

Compassionate teaching methods-

Dansations is proud of our exceptional staff. All of our teachers that work with a smile and a love that shines through each class. We understand that some children will struggle. We are always patient to ensure children feel comfortable asking questions. Our staff will meet each child where they are, and offer all the support and guidance they need to be successful!

One on One help in class:

Dance is a group activity, learning with a group is a lot of fun!! However, at Dansations, we also, believe strongly in 1 on 1 instruction. Teachers will take time in each class to review skills individually with each dancer. It is that extra attention where children really take off!!

Why Should Children Dance?

Here are 5 reasons why children should dance:


Time spent with other kids is always productive for a child’s development, but learning and growing in the dance studio with peers helps a child’s confidence tremendously. Many times, kids are shy and quiet in the first days, but not after long you can see sharing, helping and assertiveness start to develop in your toddler.


Some kids are really BRAVE. Some kids are a little afraid. What dance can help teach is courage. Courage is a bit different than bravery. Courage is knowing that something is scary, and overcoming it and performing despite obstacles. Learning in the world of dance can help build courage and socialization.


Dance involves individual instruction, but also team instruction. Obviously you’ve seen choreography before, if you’ve ever seen dance performed. Dancing can be really helpful in developing a child’s attention and direction taking. Dancers learn the value of following direction and seeing the results of their hard work.


You may not consider dancing to be something that would help build a child’s brain, but if you put your kid in a dance class you will see it first hand. Dance will strength your child’s cognitive skills, you will see how the choreography and memorization of dance numbers will really sharpen your kids mind. Dancers are known to do very well in school. Dance teaches a variety of life skills including: independence, responsibility, a strong work ethic and leadership skills.


Of course all these things we talked about are great, but we can not leave out the biggest reason of all. DANCING IS FUN. It can help in so many ways but the bottom line is everyone that works at Dansations is committed to the world of dance because we truly love it and it is so enjoyable. If you are looking for a place to take your kid to have a great time, you’ve found it.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out here on our contact form, or through our social media on Facebook or Instagram! We are always looking for new students to inspire and engage!