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Raising the Bar – Is Youth Gymnastics right for your child?

Kids have an almost unnatural talent for bending themselves into all manner of shapes, and their boundless energy keeps them pushing for more. It is this youthful spirit that drives their curiosity and wonder. After a few years now of being cooped up, it’s vital to find a safe and encouraging avenue for kids to get active and socialize. Perhaps you’ve considered enrolling your son or daughter in a local WNY gymnastics gym to get active and have fun. Today we want to open up a few considerations about what competitive gymnastics entails and help you decide if it’s the right choice for your child.

Most dance studios in Buffalo, NY offer some level of youth gymnastics or acrobatics for kids, as it is helpful in the development of young dancers. When deciding whether or not to register your child in a competitive gymnastics program, it is important to consider all the possible factors associated with such a demanding sport, to best determine the right dance program for your child. You can always call our studio and talk to Liza, or one of our coaches to learn more about our available programs!

Here are a few things to think about when considering if gymnastics is the right sport for your child!

How Serious Is It?

Many parents are rightfully concerned when deciding to enroll their child in a gymnastics program at one of Buffalo’s many dance schools. While there are several benefits to this, such as the aforementioned practice and exercise, not to mention the sheer fun of the sport, there are many things to be aware of as well. 

Mentality & Mindset

The most important thing to think about when enrolling your child in any activity is whether or not it will be fun for them. Gymnastics is a physically demanding sport, something which is likely to delight the average hyper-active kid. If your little one prefers something less intense however, they will likely feel out of place during lessons and begin to notice themselves being out performed by their more enthusiastic peers. This will likely cause them to experience feelings of failure and disappointment, which may lead to self-esteem issues as they get older.

Here at Dansations, many of our instructors are WNY local students who have grown up through our acro and dance program and understand the proper way to work with young children. We take great care to keep instruction at your child’s level and only push when they are certain they are ready for it. We also truly enjoy providing a unique, fun environment for every child, using all different styles of dance, acro and more! Check out our Facebook page to see more!

Physical Challenges

When thinking about registering a child in gymnastics, parents should also consider the physical demands of the sport. Children who push themselves too hard can be prone to injury, especially in a sport as taxing as gymnastics. According to the April 2008 issue of Pediatrics, Gymnastics has one of the highest injury rates among girl’s sports. Often times a gymnast begins their gymnastics career by learning the basics of acrobatics and dance in a dance studio, before taking their talent to the next level in a full-time gymnastics competitive gym.

In addition, intensive sports such as soccer, lacrosse, and even gymnastics have been linked to some developmental delays. These include Bottom line, If your child is on the younger side, there may be better options for starting out in a new sport, and developmental acro and dance can be a great way to get started!

Final things to consider

Look, we aren’t saying Gymnastics is terrible for kids. Gymnastics can provide a whole host of health benefits for your child when properly integrated into their lives. Like any sport, it is a great avenue for exercise and the development of coordination, team skills, and their own physical ability. In our opinion, this is accomplished only when it’s also FUN!

When choosing a new activity to enroll your child, it is important to keep these issues stated above in mind. Always be sure to do research on the schools and coaches you are considering and be mindful of the lifestyle demands of such an intensive sport.

You can rest assured that the team at Dansations will work hard to ensure that your child trains at their pace. Follow us on Facebook here, to see some of the programming we offer to ensure that our kids are always engaged and having fun. You can see our full Spring Schedule HERE.