Dansations School of Dance and Acrobatics

stay healthy- Dance with us

Staying Safe and Up to Date

At Dansations WNY, we are working hard to make sure that your kids can enjoy their award-winning studio safely. There is a lot changing in world and it is becoming difficult or even impossible to continue to do the things we love to do, but where there is a will, there is a way. Western New York has moved into the orange level for COVID-19 awareness and preparedness, which means many businesses and services are closed. Dance is essential.

Keep Dancing!

Dance for children and young adults lays the framework for a productive and positive life ahead. The physical, mental, and emotional benefits of dance are what make it essential. Children need a physical outlet for many reasons. Studies have shown that participating in dance can lay the groundwork for children to develop a more balanced lifestyle that is less reliant on ‘screen time’ and more grounded in positive physical activity that results in an array of positive physical and mental health benefits.

What an Orange Level Means for Dansations

Per the recommendations and restrictions of our local governments there are certain restrictions for our studio. Our class sizes cannot exceed more than 50% capacity, social distancing must be structured in the studio, and sanitization measures must be put in place—coincidentally, we have been prepared and already abiding by these standards for months.

A Studio Class for Your Child

First, your child is required to walk in wearing a PPE mask. The mask must stay properly on throughout their visit. Then the dancers take off their coats and shoes and stow them away. One of our instructors will then take each students temperature before they enter the dance space. After each dancer is safely checked, each child must wash/sanitize their hands and make their way into the studio to choose their socially distant square, where they will safely dance. The kids will then put on their dance shoes and start moving.

Remote Classes

Since we are safely operating at half capacity with strict safety guidelines, we must do more—so we are. We are also holding virtual classes for half of our studio. We are here to accommodate these times where we must all work together to for everyone to stay healthy. The classes are instructed just as studio classes. Instead of dancing in front of our dance mirrors, you are dancing along side your fellow classmates and instructors.

Try Us Out for Five Weeks!

If you have not yet joined our studio, we are holding a five-week programs for all age groups. The program starts January 4th and runs to February 6th. The styles we are offering for this five-week program are Jazz, Ballet, hop-hop, and acrobatics. Start the new year off on the right foot and join us for one of our five-week programs, starting at $58! If you are interested, give us a call, contact us on Facebook, or fill out your information here and we will give you a call! Stay healthy and safe!