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“On Pointe” SHows dance through the Pandemic

The Documentary featured on Disney+, “On-Pointe”, follows students at a school in New York City ages ranging from 9-17 years old all trying to progress at the art of ballet. Originally, the documentary was simply about the lives of these young dancers aspiring to eventually make it into “City Ballet”, and then, the pandemic happened.

A Snapshot of Our World

This documentary provides a look into something we have all experienced in our own way and struggle within the current world of change we all live—trying to live normally through this pandemic. There is something overly dramatic and irregular with the way dance is portrayed in television and movies. The reality of “On-Pointe” is expressed through the normalcy of NYC life while making it to dance class every week. As quoted in the NY Times by Gia Kourlas, director Ron Howard says of the film,

“It’s a bunch of kids running around, and they’re kind of hanging around in the hallway and they’re talking, and they’ve got their backpacks and they’re on their cellphones and they’re joking. You’d feel like it would be any sort of middle school or high school hallway.” [And then they would go to class] “Their bodies transform, their movements transform, and it’s just an incredible reminder of what human beings can do when they focus their energies and their passion in this really remarkable way.”

Virtual Rehearsal

The documentary features many relatable stories. One dance student that is featured is a 12-year-old named Gabbie who is continuing her ballet practice and routines through Zoom. It is not ideal, but as Gabbie said, “I keep telling myself, at least I’m dancing, because I know girls who aren’t dancing at all.” As many children and young adults throughout the world are experiencing, many of the dance studios in the country and world are shuddered, and the ways in which dancers continue to train have gotten creative out of necessity.

Continuing to do What We Love

In this time of uncertainty, continuing to do the things we love and loved before the pandemic started is an important part of our lives. Moving forward, with the safety of our neighbors in mind, by striving for more in what we are passionate about gives us all a sense of hope and instills a greater sense of resiliency through what seems to be an impossible time in history.

Safety First

At Dansations WNY, we are lucky to be open in this very precarious time. Many studios and dance companies have unfortunately been forced to shut down, some temporarily, and some permanently. Dansations WNY does not take this lightly. We have and will continue to keep the safety of our dancers and our communities as the top priority in all that we do. This particularly important artform we teach, that you and your children help to elevate, exemplifies the resiliency and hope that we all need currently.

Join Dansations!

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