Dansations School of Dance and Acrobatics

An Inspiration to Dance

As a professional dance studio in Buffalo, NY, Dansations School of Dance and Acrobatics, hopes all of our dancers reach every goal they set out to accomplish. We encourage every dancer to set goals and reach their fullest potential. The paths to take are endless and any of our dance studio classes will help improve one’s discipline, dedication, and creativity. That being said, children’s dance careers are fueled by influence and example with people who have done it all before, leading the way for dancers to carry on the tradition. 

A Dance World Icon

Twyla Tharp is a legendary choreographer, creating many well-known numbers and composed pieces for some of the world’s best dancers. She is someone all of us at Dansations and other dance schools in Buffalo can look up to because of her love of dance and successful career. Tharp was recently featured in a PBS documentary called Twyla Moves, highlighting her life accomplishments and a project she is currently working on, a Zoom number choreographed with four dance students in four different time-zones. 

Twyla’s Method to Modern Dance 

Movement is the whole idea to Twyla’s approach to contemporary dance. She started with the basics and studied the way the body moved either horizontally, vertically, laterally, side to side, forwards, backwards, left to right, or right to left. She used straightforward body position capabilities combined with classical ballet dance to create cohesively fluent dance numbers. Tharp’s motive was to make dance something anyone could do, crafting an expression, while using only basic body contortions that portray a viewer’s emotion. 

Changing Style of Dance

Tharp is one of the reasons we dance the way we do at Dansations and other studios across the country today. At the start of Twyla Tharp’s Career, during the 1960’s, her all female company performed in parks and subway platforms just for her dance style to be seen. Today, it is incorporated into numbers every day, using a more flailing free approach. 

Lasting Impact on What the Dance World is Today 

Twyla Tharp wanted to make the impossible, possible. She thought a dancer could be modernly trained, or classically, or both. She didn’t think the dance world should be influenced by gender, but by the movement a body is able to create. This is why she composed her studio of an all female troupe with different body types. Most team dance competition studios of that time used dancers with similar heights and body compositions to minimise spacing issues. That also gave them the ability to change dancers out quickly. Twyla did not like this concept because she thought so many people possessed talent in dancing, but they were not able to showcase it. She made the dance world a better and more inclusive place by starting to change that standard. 

Dance is Apart of Us

Once a dancer, always a dancer, right? Twyla is 79, and still pushing her own body every day to choreograph dances for talented professionals. During the pandemic, she started a project to show that dancers can be connected even when they are not. She created a dance with four dancers in different locations and studio setups. Teaching sessions through Zoom was difficult and she had to overcome several issues like, lag time, the issue of space, and making it seem like the dancers were dancing together. Twyla continues to push more boundaries and influence the way we perceive what exceptional dance is to the modern world everyday. 

Dansations is a premier dance school in Buffalo striving to inspire students with some of the best dance classes for kids in WNY. All of our dancers have the potential to be as successful as Twyla Tharp with hard work and dedication. Our philosophy to nurture students’ love of dance encourages them to express creativity, develop discipline, and celebrate uniqueness. If you are interested in becoming a part of our Dansations team and putting your child in dance studio classes, reach out today