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Benefits of Ballet: 3 Reasons to Consider child Ballet Lessons in Buffalo NY

Ballet has many benefits that will last throughout your child’s lifetime. Here at DansationsWNY dance studio, we are determined to give you the best dance lessons in the Buffalo and greater WNY areas. Here are three good reasons to get your child the ballet lessons they’ve asked for.

Ballet builds conditioning and flexibility

Ballet is mostly bodyweight-style exercise. Because of that, the adverse effects of working out too young are avoided. With the moves used in ballet, your child will be working out their legs and core, building conditioning that will translate to other areas as well. The breathing exercises would also translate into other performing arts!

It’ll also help with flexibility, due to the styles of stretching used. Dynamic stretches to warm up get your muscles activated. While the static stretches to wind down tells them they’ve done a good job. This will build flexibility and overall endurance. The practice of regular stretching will help down the road in avoiding strain-based injury.

Ballet makes for fantastic listeners and problem solvers

Ballet is highly choreographed, so developing good listening skills is a side-effect of taking ballet. Those listening skills will translate great to school, where listening to instructors to get key information down quickly is a necessity. 

In ballet you are going to have to keep track of multiple things, such as following directions, knowing what step you’re on and keeping track of the next steps. Developing problem-solving skills is another effect of taking ballet. The dancer is going to be thinking eight counts ahead to have a routine and where it’s going. The listening and problem-solving aspects of ballet translate to and beyond school.

Ballet classes build social skills

Your child is going to be in a room with several others around their age and skill range. They will naturally unite together and this will help develop teamwork, trust, and cooperation. Of course, being in this social setting also means new friendships around a common bond are bound to occur. Also, since a recital will have your child performing, it’ll help ease nerves in other areas like public speaking and leading a team.

These are only three benefits taking ballet can give. Of course, there are many more, so come on over and take ballet lessons from the best dance school in Buffalo to see the benefits in action!