Dansations School of Dance and Acrobatics

Get your Child Moving With Our Thriving Depew Recreational Dance Program

Welcome back to our blog here at Dansations, the premier school of dance and acrobatics in WNY! Here, we aim to provide various resources to parents and our dancers, both prospective and enrolled. Today, we’re going to talk about our thriving recreational dance program in WNY for your child! 

Our recreational dance programs will ensure your child receives an excellent education in dance. Our program will continue educating your children from toddler through teenager! Dancers in our recreational dance program work hard, learn proper technique, and get challenged in class; while creating lifelong memories.

We offer a wide array of dance classes to truly enrich your child’s dance education. Dancers are encouraged to take as many or as few dance classes that interest them! We offer dance classes in jazz, tap, ballet, acro, hip hop, and lyrical. We also offer special classes such as All Boys Hip Hop, Princess lyrical & split classes. All of our classes are fun and challenging!

Please check out our Fall class schedule to see when classes will be.

How Does Dansations Do It?

Here at Dansations, the premiere school of dance and acrobatics, we follow four secrets that lead to our success! 

Continuing Push For Excellence

Here at Dansations, we believe in striving for the best we can be, even if it’s not on a competitive team. Improving your skill is always important. Dancers will be taught the proper technique, and we’ll work on timing and precision. Setting and achieving a goal or skill is something that’s a source of great pride, and we have our classes set up so that your children are always learning and gaining new skills.

Compassionate Teaching and One-on-One Help

We’re proud of our incredible staff here at Dansations. Our teachers are eager to share their knowledge with your students with a smile! Our patient approach understands that some will struggle and builds trust to ask questions. 

Dancing is a group activity and it’s incredibly fun to be a part of that group. However, we also know that one on one instruction and individualized attention are important. We take the time in class to review skills with each dancer, independently.

And Most Importantly, Keeping Dance Fun! 

The most important aspect of dancing is to have fun! If your child isn’t having fun, they won’t want to come to dance and won’t learn anything new. We want your children to enjoy each class! Dancing is a gift we want to share. We’re always striving to create and maintain a positive atmosphere for your children to feel welcomed and comfortable.

Get Moving Today!  

Here at Dansations, we don’t only have dancing available, we also have the best acrobatics and gymnastics classes around! Our youth program is perfect for your child and can provide lifelong benefits. Check out some of our available resources to get started.

Contact DansationsWNY today by calling us at (716).694.5196 or filling out a contact form! No matter the age of your child, there’s a program for them to get started dancing in WNY today. You can also sign up right away! Make sure to check out our schedule so you don’t miss a thing. Follow along with the blog to stay up-to-date, and check out our Facebook and Instagram pages! Go to the Buffalo area’s best school of dance and acrobatics, the premiere pre-professional dance studio, DansationsWNY! We always love seeing smiling new faces!