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Three Helpful Habits to be a Better Dancer

Welcome back to our blog here at Dansations, the premier school of dance and acrobatics in WNY! Here, we aim to provide various resources to parents and our dancers, both prospective and enrolled. Today, we’re going to cover some helpful habits aspiring dancers can incorporate to improve their dancing.

Be Accepting of Change

Staying in your own bubble can be comforting, but doing the same things over and over again isn’t conducive to learning new moves or dances. Working to perfect what you’re good at is smart, but you need to challenge yourself with new dances and moves to really grow. Introducing variety and not being afraid to try new challenges in dance keeps you creative and develops your skill in different ways. 

After all, the full saying goes: “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one”. Versatility gives way to success!

Watch Dance Shows and Competitions

It makes sense that if you want to be the best, or at least improve your ability, watching the best is important. People participating in organized sports watch video breakdowns, actors watch dramas, and chess players consume chess tournaments online. So, dancers should be watching the best this athletic competition has to offer. 

Whether it’s being in the audience and taking mental notes on what your exceptional peers are doing, or watching videos online via YouTube or TikTok, knowing what the best are doing and working to incorporate that for yourself is an important developmental skill.

Learn from Others

Dancing is a social activity as much as it may seem to the contrary. We improve our skills by getting to know those around us and networking with our fellow artists. Especially early on when you’re developing the most, learning from those directly around you is important.

Learning from your choreographers and directors is important too, not just from fellow dancers. They will let you know exactly what they’re looking for from you to improve your ability. 


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