Dansations School of Dance and Acrobatics

Summer Programs for Improving Your Child’s Acrobatics

Welcome back to the Dansations blog! We are a pre-professional dance studio located in Depew, NY. We offer a variety of programs for kids from ballet to acrobatics. Today we will provide an overview of our summer acro programs to help you find what’s best for your child. 


Acrobatic classes are very diverse, all with the foundation of learning movements using minimal or no equipment. Often it is a useful addition to other performance-based skills such as dance and drama. Acro can be very beneficial for the mental health of your kids by giving them something to work for. It is a natural means of teaching them how to set goals. They will gain confidence whenever a new skill is achieved. We strive to make students ambitious and develop a love for the learning process. By setting advanced goals, a heightened level of achievement is felt when it is reached.


One popular summer program is our Acro Clinics which offer skill-specific classes. This is the easiest way to assist kids in setting and achieving their goals in a short period. The clinics run on August 1st and 3rd, focusing on backbend, cartwheel, back tuck, handstand, and so on. These skills encourage the importance of flexibility and health as well as preparation to excel in other physical activities. Given that it is a style of dance, acrobatics are performance-based. Therefore, it’s important to have a vast skill set to be appealing to an audience. In the Acro Clinic, one skill will be focused on per class. Each ranging about an hour, it’s assured that your kid will be a natural by the end. 


All of our summer classes are offered, A’La Carte’ meaning classes can be registered for without committing to an entire session. This registration style makes it much easier to plan your summer as well as reduces any stress for busy or traveling families. Acrobatics classes are offered for ages 4-8 on Wednesdays and ages 5-11 on Thursdays. 

Young children are very flexible as their bones, muscles, and tissue connections are still developing. Whether your kid is serious about acro or wants to pick up a class for fun, it will help them as they grow up. We strive to provide a welcoming, fun environment for all of our dancers. Life skills are developed when dancing with others, including communication, coordination, teamwork, and confidence. 


Classes can be registered for via the parent portal on the class schedule tab. For more information on summer classes, please email dansations@gmail.com or by calling us at (716) 694-5196

Still not sure where to start? Visit our Open House on August 22nd from 6:00-7:30 pm! Here we offer opportunities to register for classes, meet the teachers, & tour the studio.