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Jazz Dancing | Where fun and Health Collide in WNY

Jazz dancing is getting more and more popular, which probably has you asking a couple of questions. Chief among those are likely “Why is that?” and “Cool, but is it beneficial?” Today, we’re going to be answering at least the latter question.

That answer is actually super simple though! The answer is yes, absolutely jazz dance is beneficial for your health.  Physical expression is most of the art form. You need to have flow between movements, with sharp turns, large leaps, and quick footwork; similar to ballet. The musical score behind the routine is very different though, with brass music being interpreted by the dancer.

What about the health/fitness benefits of Jazz Dancing?

dansations' jazz dancing team having fun at practice

Well, now’s a good time to pivot to that side of things. What are the health and fitness benefits of this dance style? 

One, it builds muscle strength. The leaps and quick steps set to high-tempo music build up your legs, and fairly rapidly. Your explosive power from these kinds of exercises leaps up (If you watched The Olympics, the start of sprinting competitions is a great example of peak explosive power, as are gymnasts floor routines when the athlete goes into spins and jumps). As a result of jazz dancing, your calves and quads will build up.

Jazz dancing also helps develop concentration levels. Because the style requires self-discipline and a strong memory, jazz dancing can help your day-to-day concentration on tasks at hand. The complex steps and turns have you thinking a few moves ahead of where you’re at. 

Jazz dance is also great for balance. Fleet-footed dancers are made by its rapid movements, which lends itself to better balance. Concentration and balance together are an amazing foundation for further getting into the art of dancing. 

The constantly moving exercise is also awesome for cardio workouts! Constantly moving at a high tempo, maximum effort for several minutes at a time will get your heart pounding. That kind of cardio ramps up your stamina, letting you get even more done next time! 

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